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Welcome! I am an economist at the Federal Trade Commission. I received my Ph.D. in economics from Columbia University in 2022.

I am broadly interested in econometrics, empirical industrial organization, and microeconomic theory.

You can find my CV here.




Working Papers

"Stable Outcomes and Information in Games: An Empirical Framework" 05/2022 (arXiv) (R&R Journal of Econometrics)

"Estimating Discrete Games of Complete Information: Bringing Logit Back in the Game" 05/2022 (arXiv)

"Estimating Dynamic Games with Unknown Information Structure," 05/2022 (arXiv)

Publications (Pre-Doctoral)

"Court-appointed Experts and Accuracy in Adversarial Litigation" (with Chulyoung Kim). International Journal of Economic Theory, Sep 2020.

"Minimum Asset and Liability Insurance Requirements on Judgement-Proof Individuals When Harm is Endogenous" (with Chulyoung Kim), Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics, Dec 2019.



Instructor at Columbia University

Math Camp for PhD Economics (Summer 2018 & Summer 2019)

Recitation Instructor at Columbia University

Graduate Courses
Math Methods for Economists (Fall 2018 & Fall 2019)
Introduction to Econometrics II (Spring 2018)

Undergraduate Courses
Advanced Microeconomics (Spring 2020 & Spring 2021)
Introduction to Econometrics (Fall 2020)
Intermediate Microeconomics (Fall 2017 & Spring 2019)

Teaching Assistant at Yonsei University

Game Theory, Economics of Uncertainty, Contract Theory, Intermediate Macroeconomics

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