I am an economist at the US Federal Trade Commission Antitrust Division. I received my PhD in economics from Columbia University. For my dissertation, I developed econometric methodologies for analyzing static and dynamic strategic interactions of firms. My current research interest spans various topics in econometrics and industrial organization. 

CV: [link]

Email: pkoh@ftc.gov

Working Papers

"Concentration-Based Inference for Evaluating Horizontal Mergers," 06/2024 [link]

"Market Definition: A Sensitivity Analysis," 06/2024 [arXiv]

"Merger Analysis with Latent Price," 04/2024 [arXiv]

"Estimating Discrete Games of Complete Information: Bringing Logit Back in the Game," 07/2024 [arXiv]

"Estimating Dynamic Games with Unknown Information Structure" (with Konan Hara and Yuki Ito), 05/2022 [arXiv] (under major revision)


"Stable Outcomes and Information in Games: An Empirical Framework," Journal of Econometrics, 2023 [arXiv] [publisher]

"Court-appointed Experts and Accuracy in Adversarial Litigation" (with Chulyoung Kim), International Journal of Economic Theory, 2020

"Minimum Asset and Liability Insurance Requirements on Judgment-proof Individuals When Harm is Endogenous" (with Chulyoung Kim), Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics, 2019 

Policy  Work

At the FTC, I conduct economic analyses to assess the anticompetitiveness of mergers in various industries.